MOTTO Try new ideas, materials, be open to new possibilities. Mobility - always ahead - never stay but at the same time a balance.

PAINTING I have always painted, as far back as I can remember. Hastily scribbled sketches, ideas and thoughts, as during daylight hours, the color and shape. Results that are often surprising and unprepared.

SKULPTUR Sculpture of clay, which then becomes bronze, steel, glass or any other material. Simple sensual lines with tight graphic reliefs where the shadows will create colors. No frills - the feeling is of the essence.

My first exhibition was in 1978 in Stockholm. I have since been continuously held exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. Today, over 30 years later, my works scattered on companies, institutions and private collections in Sweden and around the world.
My workshops are on Dalarö in the Stockholm archipelago. There you can see the process from raw clay to finished sculptures in stoneware, concrete, borons and aluminum.

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